Semi-annual Progress Reviews

Every semester, the Graduate Committee reviews the standing of every doctoral student enrolled in the program. In each case, the committee's goal is to ensure that the student is making progress towards graduation and achieving every milestone along the way (such as the qualifying exam or the thesis proposal) on schedule. If the student is meeting or exceeding these expectations, which happens in a majority of cases, the student receives formal feedback from the committee informing them that they are making satisfactory progress towards graduation. In rare situations, the student receives a formal warning informing them they are late on a milestone or not making satisfactory progress, and informing them on the steps they need to take to address the situation. The committee then engages with the student and the advisor in an effort to determine and address any difficulties that have arisen. If the needed steps are not taken to rectify the situation, the committee has the option to bring the case to the attention of departmental leadership.