The Department of Mechanical Engineering works to advance practical solutions that improve health, safety, and quality of life. Join us as we address the most important needs of society through rich and versatile discovery and scholarship.


Department faculty members are outstanding instructors and recognized experts in mechanical engineering, who bring their passion for innovative research, original thinking, and scholarship into the classroom. They are deeply invested in inspiring, teaching, and mentoring students.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is home to such diverse research activities as biomechanics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, control and robotics, manufacturing, energy systems, MEMS, and nanotechnology.

When Engineering Meets Women’s Health

There has been a lack of basic research centered on women’s health. But times are changing, says Kristin Myers. And it’s about time. More
Jan 24 2024 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Columbia Engineering/Jane Nisselson

AI Discovers That Not Every Fingerprint Is Unique

Columbia engineers have built a new AI that shatters a long-held belief in forensics–that fingerprints from different fingers of the same person are unique. It More
Jan 10 2024 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Marco-Marcil Montoto, Columbia Engineering, generated with Dall-E