E.g., 09/19/2021
E.g., 09/19/2021
Press Release
Optogenetics can help manipulate patterns of force within cells in fruit fly embryos
Aug 16 2021
The pair will focus on an emerging field known as “twistronics.”
Aug 3 2021
In partnership with the University of Washington and Harvard, the new AI Institute for Dynamic Systems will focus on developing new machine… More
Jul 29 2021
The Columbia University Department of Mechanical Engineering congratulates Ruth Marisol Herrera Perez, PhD, for receiving the Burroughs… More
Jul 20 2021
Press Release
The new device from Columbia Engineering could help guide recovery after treatment for head and neck cancer
Jul 19 2021
Mechanical Engineering Professor Matei Ciocarlie builds robots with intelligent minds—and bodies
Jun 29 2021
Press Release
Columbia Engineering researchers use AI to teach robots to make appropriate reactive human facial expressions, an ability that could build… More
May 27 2021
Congratulations to our Mechanical Engineering graduates. Despite a year like no other in our lifetime, you have stayed true to your goals. We… More
May 4 2021
Michael P. Burke, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, is the recipient of the prestigious Hiroshi Tsuji Early… More
Apr 30 2021
In the Media
With their new project, roboticists Hod Lipson and Carl Vondrick are looking to imbue machines with an unprecedented skill: empathy.
Apr 19 2021
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