Financial Support for Doctoral Students

At the time of admission to a terminal doctoral program, the Department of Mechanical Engineering guarantees a minimum of five years of financial support, contingent on maintaining Good Academic Standing within both the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Financial support comes in the form of teaching assistantship, graduate research assistantship, or fellowship, and may change from year to year or semester to semester.

Financial support and other benefits for a funded doctoral student consist of:

  • Salary (the standard nine-month support for the 2021–2022 academic year is $31,140)
  • Full payment of tuition (approximately $50,496 per year)
  • Full payment of basic (gold-level) medical insurance (approximately $3,676 per year)
  • Full payment of Facilities and Health Service fees (approximately $2,246 per year)
  • One-time conference travel grant of $1000 [form]
  • Minimum two weeks of vacation, in addition to designated University holidays [policy]

Funded doctoral students are responsible for paying a one-time $105 Document fee in their first semester, a $25 Student Activity fee each semester they are enrolled, and a one-time $85 processing fee when depositing their dissertation.

For any questions, email Milko Milkov at [email protected].